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Invest into Stable, Cash-Flowing United States Real Estate


Between 2017 - 2019 and estimated $500BN was invested in U.S. commercial real estate from abroad* from countries such as Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Austria and many more. The UK is number 1 for investment into the U.S. and this is how you can benefit too.

Play the video to learn more about investing in the United States

There are many reasons investors from around the world want to invest into cash-flowing real estate in the United States. There are many reasons so much money is invested into the U.S. by international investors such as family offices, high net worth individuals and instituational invetsors like insurance funds. But likely at the top of the list is the diverse opportuntiy this country presents. There are simply so many opportunties that the upside can be huge but you have to know where they are and how to make the transaction work for you. 

Here are some other primary motivating factors why so many invetsors invest into to the United States:

Wealth preservation

Stable financial market






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According to CBRE 4.6 M MORE apartment units are needed by 2030

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Gaining access to cash-flowing real estate has never been easier

Between our direct network and co-investment partners we open the door to over $10Bn of professionally underwritten commercial cash-flowing U.S. real estate opportunities not typically available to the public. We identify, negotiate, acquire and manage these assets on your behalf so you don't have to.

Open to domestic U.S. and International investors.


Our Focus is on Multi-family Value-Add Assets throughout the United States with strong supporting local economics.


We have a direct 

wholly owned strategy and combine this with our co-investment partner model to balance risk in the portfolios.

Direct Acquisition

Institutional grade opportunities for equity ownership managed by best in class operators

Regulation A Portfolio Fund

Investment platform offering real estate opportunities to accredited and non-accredited persons around the globe

Round B Funding

Join us as we grow in our Round B Funding for CalTier Realty, LLC. Our PropTech platform is changing the Real Estate Landscape.

Why do so many investors deploy capital into U.S. Multi-Family assets?



Nationally Recognized Real Estate Acquisition Companies & Best in Class Operators Offering  Institutional Grade Assets


Sundance Bay is a real estate private equity firm that specializes in multifamily investing, net lease investing and debt lending nationwide. They provide asset class and geographic diversification for our investors, while maintaining discipline and focus with a team of dedicated investment professionals.


Manhattan Street Capital is the premier online fundraising platform that helps companies to make their IPO, and raise capital, using Direct Listings, Regulation A+ and Regulation D, Regulation S and also to make STO or Blockchain offerings that use Reg A+ or Reg D to be legitimate securities offerings.


CrowdCheck delivers due diligence, disclosure and compliance services for online capital formation. Satisfying due diligence obligations, protecting from liability and providing investors with clear and easy methods to understand information about investment opportunities on our platform



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