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Real Estate Investing Accessible to All - Webinar and Workshop This Week

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Introducing the new CalTier Realty Fund - start your real estate investing journey at $500.

The launch of the CalTier Realty Fund, our new crowdsourcing platform, offers unprecedented access to anyone over age 18 to Multi-Family property investments across the U.S. Please join us for a webinar - register here - to learn more about the fund and investment opportunities on Tuesday, December 17 at 9 am PST and an in-person workshop - register here - in San Diego, CA on Thursday, December 19 at 4 pm PST.

CalTier’s investment strategy focuses on renovating apartments in emerging domestic markets that are poised for economic expansion through both direct and partner acquisitions.  This provides their investors, regardless of income or wealth level, direct access to deals, many of which are “off-market”, that they typically would not have access to – and offers a low-cost entry point to begin establishing a footprint in the real estate investment space.  CalTier currently has over 120 units under review through the direct acquisition model and 300+ units in collaboration with existing partners like Sundance Bay.

“We are very excited about launching the Reg A+ platform to the general public. We have always believed that everyone should be given the opportunity to participate in commercial real estate and this is exactly what our new platform provides,” said Matt Belcher, Managing Partner at CalTier. 

To find out how you can begin your real estate investment journey immediately, visit our learning center, read about our investment strategy or contact us with your questions.

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